France destiantion photographer_0027Hi!! I’m Silvia an italian wedding and lifestyle photographer living in Amsterdam since January 2015.

I graduated in Cultural Anthropology and for all my life I’ve been in love with documenting, taking photos and keeping memories.

Some random facts about me:

I discovered photography when I was little trying to shoot with my Mum’s Minolta, but I as was tiny and the camera very heavy my photos used to turn out blurry, so my mum banned  me to touch her camera anymore.

I am a cat lady

I like to eat pasta with chopsticks

When I was 27 I lived in Manchester for one year, an experience that changed radically my life

I’m super messy

My favorite city in the world is Tokyo

My secret dream is to live in Hong Kong (I think in my previous life I was asian)

I’m Ice-cream addicted, I think it makes the world a better place. Fav flavor? Matcha tea!! ever tried sweet potato? to die for

The spicier the better

I do love traveling by myself

I have the worst sense of directions ever, but I don’t know how I always find my way

I love picnics, outdoor activities and a good glass of red wine shared with my beloved ones

I’m a barefoot summer girl

France destiantion photographer_0029

Talking about photography 

I am a natural light photographer, you’ll never find me in a studio

My style is photojournalistic with a touch of romanticism

I get literally crazy when I see amazing light, I start jumping and talking crazy, I can also cry

I choose to work as a photographer in Amsterdam for the love of the city, let me guide you to beautiful and unexpected places.

My dream is to photograph a wedding (guess where?) in Japan or Korea

My passion for travel is pretty clear, otherwise I wouldn’t have studied anthropology at university, if you want me to capture your story abroad don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!

profile pic by Alice Mahran Photography


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Wtwonen, Sawasdee (Thai airways inflight magazine)

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Photo credits Alice Marhan, Marilyn Bartman and my lovely mum.