The third episode of our lifestyle photo session leaded us to three of out favorite spots in Amsterdam.
It’s lunch time and we wanted something healthy but also something that could birth up that gloomy and rainy day, the best option was Dr. Blend, fresh juice and yummy salad, nice place to take a break but also to organize work, gat back to mails and let imagination runs far away with some travel magazines, these pineapples helped a lot, we felt like having a cocktail in some tropical island.

Ok, now it’s caffeine time, it’s always caffeine time, and it’s always Lot61 time, this little caffe is always crowed of coffee addicted but fortunately this time we escaped the crow and we could take some good shoots.

Ok being healthy and stuff, but after a long stroll and some shopping we were up for something to scrunch and as we found ourselves in De Peijp we tried out a famous burger place, The Thrill Grill  we tried french fries enjoying the vibes of this place, we loved the design and the staff working in there, need to go back for a proper burger!


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