Today I want to share my little creative corner and things that inspire me everyday.
I recently moved into a new apartment and I had a white canvas to decorate, finally I see things coming into the right place, I still want to buy few little things to make it cozier but yeah I’m so soooo satisfied  with the result, what do you think?

lisbon-travel-photography_0307 Here I have my travel journal that I use a regular journal, the roar notebook that my dear friend Dianta gave me, I’m filling it up with my 2017 goals (#girlboss) and a daily planner, without it I would be lost in my uncountable thoughts.
lisbon-travel-photography_0309 Memories from the last year, my trip to Bali, Spain, Singapore, Venice, few of my dearest friends, my family, my adorable cat and much more.lisbon-travel-photography_0310 Magazines, books and quotes that inspire me daily. lisbon-travel-photography_0311 This year after Christmas I found in my mail a lovely present from my sweetheart Mirha directly from Singapore, quote cards from one from my fav brand Kikki, love love them!!  I met Mirha in Amsterdam but now she’s living in Singapore (sigh sigh), but real friendships are not scared of distance, in fact we are going to be reunites soon in Seoul. Still can’t believe it. lisbon-travel-photography_0312lisbon-travel-photography_0313 lisbon-travel-photography_0314 lisbon-travel-photography_0315 lisbon-travel-photography_0316And here my new and old love, the old one is the Minolta of my mum and the new one is the camera bag from Jo Totes, perfect for traveling and daily photo-shoot.