This summer I had the honor to work with a dream team of great professional people. Kehrin is an amazing wedding planner based in Florida, she was visiting Amsterdam with her husband and wanted to realize a bridal photo-shoot in the city, when she contacted me I was more than thrilled.
Johanna from Unielle Couture gave us the most stunning dress, wore beautifully by Carmen and Giada from Don Florito made a delicate bouquet with popping colors form roses, orchids and peonies.
I have to say that so far this is the photo-shoot I’m most proud of because besides all the beauty from the model, the locations we picked up, the dreamy dress, this is a photo-shoot that truly reflects myself and my style, I wanted to capture the movement, and give the idea of something untouchable and fleeting.
I hope you enjoy it.


Concept and styling: Jet Set Wedding; fb, ig, website
Wedding dress: Unielle Couture; fb, ig, website
Flowers: Don Florito; fb, ig, website
Photography: Silvia Falcomer Photography; fb, ig
Model: Carmen

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