I was looking for a camera bag for so long but the bags out of there were ugly or really expensive! Than I found this Jo Totes Nautical bag! That’s the perfect compromise, it’s affordable, really comfortable for your back, freaking gorgeous but most important thing ┬áit has a lot of space inside, it perfectly fits two lenses, the body camera and the flash, and when I want to work from a coffee I just can put my laptop inside and go! So in love with my Jo Totes bag!

What’s inside my camera bag:

Body camera: Canon 6D,

Lenses: Canon 24-105, Sigma 85 1.4 Art, Sigma 85 1.4

Let’s go shooting now

camera bagCamera bag Amsterdam photographer AmsterdamAmsterdam photographer Amsterdam Camera bag Amsterdam Amsterdam _MG_4619 _MG_4757Amsterdam Amsterdam photographerAmsterdam Amsterdam Photos by me and my dear @Yas