Silvia, founder & creative director.

The visionary founder and creative director of our studio, began her career in the vibrant cities of Manchester and Amsterdam. With a passion for capturing love stories, she has traveled the world, photographing weddings in diverse and beautiful locations. Now based in Italy, Silvia specialises in documenting stunning weddings across the Italian landscape. She thrives on connecting with people from all around the globe, bringing their unique stories to life through her lens. 




Umberto, our lead shooter, is a creative genius and tech enthusiast. With a unique perspective and a talent for storytelling, he delves deep into capturing the essence of every moment.

As a skilled drone pilot, Umberto consistently wows clients with breathtaking aerial shots, adding a dreamy quality to our wedding gallery.
His creativity and attention to detail ensure that each wedding is documented in a truly exceptional and memorable way.

Shaped by
People, Fashion, and the Cultures We Uncover.

"We've travelled for weddings to the USA, Canada, Dubai, Greece, Finland, Portugal, the Netherlands,  Germany, Spain, Malaysia, France."


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